Nantz Crosses a Line on Thursday’s Masters Broadcast

Well, the blabbering and dumb comments by television announcers commenced shortly after coverage of the 2012 Masters came on the air.

According to Mike Tirico, there was an atmospheric anomaly Augusta, Ga. Thursday. He was talking, I’m assuming, about the predicted rain when he said, “The weather has been holding off.”

I checked with a friend who is an amateur meteorologist and it turns out there was weather, lots of it. Sun, clouds, drizzle, calm and breezes. Tirico should probably leave Butler Cabin a little more often during the day.

CBS lead golf announcer Jim Nantz, who leads the charging in sucking up to the Augusta National Golf Club powers that be, had a rather insightful comment on Friday afternoon that may just lead to his knuckles getting rapped by the green jacketed dean of discipline, whomever that might be.

Nantz had the audacity to call the tee shot on the 18th hole, “claustrophobic.” The only problem with that observations is, well, nothing. If you’ve seen the camera angle from behind the tee, the shoot leading to the fairway resembles a green-tiled hallway.

Way to go, Jim!

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