Product review: SwingShot camera


SwingShot lets you record all your shots throughout a round.

SwingShot is a brand new way for you to record all your shots during a round without slowing play. The design consists of a unipod camera mounted onto a turf spike.  When you want to record a shot, take a few steps behind your ball, hit a single button, and you’re ready to capture audio and video footage from your pre-shot routine all the way through your finish. The technology is relatively simple:  before your round, rent a SwingShot camera and purchase a single-use memory card from the pro shop, load the memory stick into the camera, and head out onto the course. Afterwards, return the camera and take the memory card home to download the data onto your own computer. It’s even GPS enabled to track your shots through Google Earth. The company is currently beta testing the product by offering rentals at select locations, but with any success they’ll be on the market in no time.

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