UASP: The Dynamics of Club v. Club, Club v. Country

Welcome to the Unsightly American Soccer Podcast, one of our last before we re-brand and take this puppy in a new direction, with a new focus. In the meantime, we welcome to the pod Spencer Robinson, a fellow golf journalist but also a football commentator for Star Sports in Asia. Spencer can’t help it, but he is an Arsenal fan. Your host, Hal Phillips, is a backer of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal’s perpetually underachieving, North London rival. Spencer and Hal discuss the nature of football support with this particular derby as backdrop. Is it possible to support more than one club and one club only? And, if so, is it “seemly”? Spencer joined us via Skype from Singapore just after the Champions League final, and so we discuss whether club trumps country when it comes to support, the vagaries of St. Totteringham’s Day, how it all got away from Harry Redknapp, the upcoming European Championships, why Asians seem to support only the big clubs, Nick Hornby’s “Fever Pitch”, Man City’s improbable run to a title and much, much more. For his part, Hal supports both Tottenham and Fulham with equal vigor, despite what anyone says.

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