UASPodcast: Spain Refuses to Relinquish the Spotlight


Cesc Fabregas (center) may soon leave Arsenal and return to Barcelona, where he would play his club football beside Sergio Busquet (left) and against Real Madrid's Xabi Alonso. Is there really tension within the Spanish National Team, based on the crazed club rivalry between Real and Barca? The press says yes, the results say no.



Welcome to the Unsightly American Soccer Podcast for, well, the onset of offseason. The Gold Cup has ended, and we covere that in the first half of the pod, posted last week here at This week we wrap the European season first with Spencer Robinson, soccer pundit with ESPN Asia. We spoke to him from Singapore about the seemingly imminent departure of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal, the club Spencer supports, from a distance. This proved a nice segue to our discussion with Stephen Myers re. what might have been the most eventful season in Spanish futbol history. As our discussions normally go with Esteban, this one proved provacative and wide-ranging: Prem vs. La Liga, Barca vs. Real, Spanish élan vs. thuggery from all comers. And while the Real-Barca saga has lessened in volume, for now, it all starts up again, in earnest, at the beginning of August. I’m your host Hal Phillips. The conversation starts right now…

2011.07.02 UASP Euro

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