UASP: Klinsi’s US Soccer Debut More Than Satisfactory

Welcome to the Unsightly American Soccer Report for Aug. 10, 2011, the night Jurgen Klinsmann took the reins of U.S. Soccer. Not a bad debut, all in all, though the jury’s still out as to whether he was tactically masterful (three defensive mids to stop up and generally discombobulate the Mexican attack, before throwing on an attacking sub corps that could have, by all rights, won the match, 2-1), extremely fortunate (his boys were borderline embarrassed over the first hour; at minute 59, Klinsi would have sold his left nut for a 1-1 draw), or totally screwed — the Yanks could rightly have claimed a penalty, maybe two, and Mexico’s last man Gerardo Torrado should have just walked straight to the dressing room, no passing Go, no collecting 200 dollars, no nothing because the most callow referee would have, should have tossed him after hauling down Robbie Rogers in the 86th minute. A game-changing red card so late in the match? Maybe not, but the U.S. was done very few favors playing at homem in the city of Brotherly Love. Suffice to say, lots to talk about. Dave Batista, Tom Wadlington and your host Hal Phillips oblige in this UASP, recorded on location at Dimillo’s Bar & Grill in downtown Portland, Maine.







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