Why We Rooted For Rory: Cinderella Complex Revisited

Rory McIlroy’s recent triumph in the U.S. Open at Congressional spurred the reopening of topic I’ve tackled in print called The Cinderella Complex, the curious predilection we golf fans and media have for rooting against Underdogs. It’s a bit twisted. See a link to the piece I posted on this subject last year, when Tiger returned to the game. But it’s eternally relevant, and we discuss it this week with John Strawn on The Curmudgeon, the golf podcast here at theaposition.com/halphillips. John is a fellow A Positioner, CEO of Hills & Forrest International Golf Course Architects, the author of Driving the Green… Apologies for the sound quality on this pod. Rest assured that the crickets and sound engineer responsible have been sacked.

2011.06.27 The Curmudgeon


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