The Curmudgeon: Frank chat on the Road from Enniscrone



Hello, and welcome to an other edition of The Curmudgeon, the golf podcast here at, and this week, while we’re in Ireland, As you may know, Curmudgeon host Hal Phillips is traveling the length and breadth of Ireland this week with Peter Kessler, Tom Harack and Jeff Wallach, reporting on what they see and hear for the various blogs at, which is sort of the the big daddy overlord of In any case, we taped this podcast on the road to Carne Golf Club in Bellmullet, which is about as far west as you can get in Ireland. Carne will be the subject of a future blog item and/or podcast. In this show we have just finished an extraordinary round at Enniscrone Golf Club, and we recorded it the following morning, in our big green van, on the way to Carne. At this recording, we have played 6 courses in 4 days. So we’re a bit punchy, but we help each other process all that we have seen and experienced, together. Warriors, comrades that we are.

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