Sharing the Love, via the Adams Speedline UL


So, Adams Golf hooked up Peter Kessler with this amazing set of  clubs for the Golf Road Warriors trip to Ireland. I played much of the two rounds at Enniscrone and Carne, hitting the Speedline UL driver with great success. Today, at Ballybunion GC, the Golf Road Warriors split up our foursome to play Ballybunion with other media in town for the Irish Open. So, as Peter is still laid up, I appropriated the Speedline UL, hit it myself and shared the love with others in our group. See here the results, on the gorgeous par-4 11th at Ballybunion.

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  1. David

    I got fitted for new clubs this summer, which is a first: Callaway Razr X irons, a hybrid, and a Razr Hawk driver. Very nice.

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