Stiff Knees Don’t Work

Have you ever noticed the athletic action of a really accomplished professional golfer. Check out their knees. The knees are the keys. By contrast, watch the knees of a novice ball-striker. The knees of the best players are always in a semi-sitting position during the entire swing motion. In contrast, the struggling hitter will stiffen one or both knees at some point.

Keeping a gentle bend in your knees during the golf swing will allow better freedom of motion away from the ball and back through the hitting area all the way to the finish. This translates squarely to athleticism that generates freedom of motion, easy effortless speed, and resulting power.

Try feeling as if you are “sitting” on the ball not only at address, but maintaining that ever so gentle flex during the entire swing. This facilitates natural turning and a more consistent and powerful weight release into the target. Stiff legs translate to a wobbly foundation devoid of any real leverage connecting with the ground. You lose all the power of your lower body, and just hit from the top – losing valuable distance and consistency. Stiffening of the knees also contributes to hitting behind the ball or topping it because of the inconsistency introduced by the added leg movements.

If you feel stiff, don’t have much motion or power, lack consistency, or have trouble shifting your weight, try this “sitting” image and you should improve.


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