The Deliberate Mis-Hit



Teeing the ball higher with a short iron will create a shorter carry, but with less spin – sometimes a useful strategy.

Here’s a novel shot that you might try, especially if you are on a short par-three (8-iron or less) and don’t want to impart too much backspin to your shot. I call it the “Deliberate Mis-Hit.”

Instead of teeing the ball your normal height with a short iron, tee it just a bit higher and swing the same, but with one more club. Be sure to make your normal swing with the same forces, and to let the club do the work. In this instance, your contact will be a couple of grooves higher on the clubface where the mass is less. The result will be a shot that flies about about the same distance as the shorter club, but has less spin.

This strategy can be particularly effective in the wind or when you don’t want too much spin. Interestingly the shot will still land softly and hold the green quite well, but without the crazy spin that sometimes takes your fully struck shots into trouble. Try practicing this not only on the range, but on the course when the stakes are not too high. With your new shot in hand, you will then be ready to put the deliberate mis-hit into tournament play when needed.

P.S. This strategy can also work quite useful in match play where an opponent may be paying special attention to what club you are using. They may not realize that you are playing the deliberate mis-hit. Remember that teeing the ball higher with a short iron and contacting it higher on the clubface will take distance and spin off the ball.



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