Re-invent Yourself Weekly


Do you feel that you are sometimes stuck? Do you wait for a major life crisis to reinvent yourself?  Maybe it’s the loss of a job, loved one, someone’s health or a financial catastrophe. Or maybe you choose a New Year’s Resolution, which for most doesn’t last past the tenth of January.  Coach and author Steve Chandler offers this idea:

Try re-inventing yourself every Monday. Who do you want to be this week? What exciting things, new beliefs, or ideas would you like to embrace?

Keep changing your character, like an actor rehearsing a role does, always growing into the ultimate creative, serving, growing personality. If you don’t consciously, joyfully do this, you’ll be stuck in the habitual you. You’ll be doing things the way you’ve always done them, and you’ll have no opportunities for dramatic innovation.

Give it a try and see. It’s fun!


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