You Know You Are a Superintendent When…

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Another long, hot, humid season is thankfully behind us, another reminder of just how hard it is to be a golf course superintendent. It takes a special breed to do this job and do it well.

But special is also a little bit crazy, right? So taking a page from Jeff Foxworthy , some examples of “you might be a golf course superintendent when…”

  •  Your vacation is volunteering at a major championship ;
  •  You wear Carharts as pajamas;
  •  You don’t need an alarm clock;
  •  Your best friend—and most reliable employee—is a border collie;
  •  You “double cut” when you shave each morning to ensure a smooth surface;
  •  Your favorite magazine fold-out is the “golf hole of the month;”
  •  You watch The Masters for the condition of the turf. not the quality of the play;
  •  Your favorite calendar isn’t swimsuit models, it’s “dogs of the golf course;”
  •  Your other “vacation” is a week in Scotland to see golf courses;
  •  Your favorite TV station is the Weather Channel;
  •  You play golf with wooden clubs;
  •  You blow leaves in a 40 mph breeze;
  •  You complain that the stripes are crooked in EA Sports’ Tiger Woods Golf 2012;
  •  You ask Santa for a discounted case of PRIMO;
  •  You have an easier time controlling on-course traffic from deer, elk, and geese than members;
  •  Your golf clubs are used to stake tomatoes.

Have any other examples of when you know you’re a superintendent? Send them along and I’ll publish more soon.

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