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Posted on: November 25th, 2011 by Peter Kessler 1 Comment

Let me first say that I love the Adams clubs I have been playing lately, they are really terrific. So when I spent a couple of hours in a custom Callaway fitting session at The Annika Academy at Reunion, just outside of Orlando, I was really curious to see how Callaway would compete with the clubs I’ve been using. Charlotta Sorenstam, Annika’s sister of course, did the fitting which took about two hours and included lessons .

It really is quite stunning how the right clubs make an instant improvement in your strike and trajectory.  Even one degree difference in lie angle can make a huge difference in your consistency, ball flight and set up. There is no reason you can’t play the clubs that the best players in the world play. But you need to know your specs: your clubhead speed, ball speed, distance carried with each club, loft and lie angle.

Your ideal set will have shafts suited to your game, to complement your swing and ball speed.  You can play the exact clubs that pros play but perhaps your custom fitting expert at Callaway will suggest just a little bit of offset for easier hitting or a shaft with different characteristics than the one you play now. And once you have your specs in hand you can try anyone’s clubs and compare and contrast.

Get custom fit, go to the Callaway Performance Center near you. And by the way, once I have that custom set of Callaway’s in hand, I’ll let you know how they stack up to the competition.

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  1. rick says:

    I was club fit at Callaway’s club fitting at their headquarters in Carlsbad, and agree whole heartedly. I got fit for new irons and a new driver. The fitting made a significant difference in the quality of my shotmaking, and the accuracy of my driving off the tee. Getting fit for the right shafts really made a big difference IMO.

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