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Certifresh Cigars totally rock and I would know.  I love to have a great cigar over the course of a round of golf.    Often I forget to bring one from home and end up smoking an old stale one from a pro shop humidor or an old cigar long forgotten from one of my golf bag’s pockets, an expensive long forgotten cigar, now cracked and essentially wrapperless.

So in Scottsdale last week I was given a pack of Certifresh Cigars.  There were 4 medium sized cigars of different makes and flavors -all of them excellent makes and flavors, well chosen and representative of some of the best tobacco leaf in the world-individually wrapped inside of a clear plastic re-sealable pouch.  And then there was the perfect touch of having a cigar cutter in every pack of cigars.  Brilliant.  And did I mention the cigars were very fresh?  They were.

The cigars from each pack were slightly different in mix than another pack might be.  I liked that.  I did not like that my host Jeff Wallach looked into each pack of cigars he gave us and took out his favorites and did a little substitution.

One thing I forgot to mention. If a cigar burns out you can put it in the pouch to be tossed later or to be smoked.  This was a real good idea, beautifully executed.  A fresh, fine set of cigars perfectly packaged and accessorized for the golfer.

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