Everything fits into the Travelpro

Posted on: December 15th, 2011 by Peter Kessler 1 Comment

Everything fits into the Travelpro and there’s a size that’s right for you,too.  I have already had this baby on the road for 19 travel days and it stands up like Muhammed Ali after getting knocked around for 12 rounds.

This 26″ inch model is amazingly light, a huge plus for lugging around and even more huge when trying to keep your bag under 50 pounds at the airport weigh in stand.

The garment bag inside the Travelpro is the first I’ve ever used that worked, and worked big time.  My shirts and sport jacket were absolutely wrinkle free after a long day and a couple of flights.  And my shirts didn’t need to be pressed before wearing.

Not sure how they did it, but it was a happy discovery to just hang my stuff up wrinkle free.

The bag looks smaller than it is, is lighter than it looks, is a smart and sharp looking piece of luggage and most of all, everything about it was thoughtfully designed with the traveler in mind and carried out with incredible precision and durability.

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  1. Jakeecsj says:

    Peter, I miss you sooo much on XM radio.  I looked forward to your shows daily.  You are the best!

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