The Adams Speedline 9088 UL Driver

Posted on: July 26th, 2011 by Peter Kessler No Comments
Sitting in an Irish garden thinking about my game, my new clubs and the fact that I am now as long as I was 20 years ago, thanks to my Adams golf clubs.  The Adams Speedline 9088 UL Driver with the Velocity Slot Tech is the best driver I’ve ever hit. When you set it down, it simply pleases the eye and inspires confidence. You quickly realize you can actually move the ball around in your stance to hit it higher or lower as you like  It is highly unusual to think of a driver as being versatile but this one is.  I’m no pro so if I can change trajectory based on ball position so can you. Once the ball lands the excitement begins.  It rolls forever even on soft fairways. When you hit a good drive you are ready for the next shot with the cousins of the 9088, the Speedline F11 3 Wood, the Adams Idea Hybrid Irons or the Performance Grind 54:08 Tom Watson Sand Wedge. Gotta go hit some chips across the garden now.  Putting the crutches down and picking the Watson wedge up.  Get ready for the best golf of your life with a little help from Adams. 

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