Watson’s Wedge

Posted on: July 26th, 2011 by Peter Kessler No Comments

Adams Golf has developed the Tom Watson Performance Grind 54:08 Wedge, a 54 degree wedge with 8 degrees of bounce. What should this mean to the recreational golfer? It means it has become very simple for the average player to become a versatile wedge player.  The 54 degrees of loft make this club a combination of a sand and gap wedge and boy does it perform. It sets it’s perfect sole in any lie you ask it to. You can play it back and hit it low and far,  you can play it forward and hit bunker shots, you can play it in the center of your stance and hit it up to 100 yards without forcing the thing.  A decent strike will result in a shot that sits quickly for the amateur player, the shots don’t balloon and the bounce of the club lets you hit the ground before impact and still hit a successful shot. It’s very versatile from the edges of the green, too. It’s the ideal chippng club because it will hit running chips, soft chips, lob shots of all trajectories and again you can lean the shaft back and forward to accomplish optimum striking conditions.  Wow!  Now I have to work on a nice chipping and pitching motion like the guy for whom this club is named. But if I fall short, the club will help make up the difference.

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