An Adams Idea

Posted on: July 26th, 2011 by Peter Kessler No Comments

The Adams Idea Hybrid 4 iron a12 05. So this hot stuff hybrid is a 4 iron hybrid that goes forever in the sky, high and soaring, and low and drawing when you like. It’s a non traditional hybrid look, solid and stable in appearance, the range for me is is 175 to 190 yards, and it’s easy to hit the upper limit without being out of balance during the swing.  If you still have a 4 iron you can hit consistently, then keep using it. If you can’t hit it flush most of the time, if you can’t work the ball higher and lower based on ball position, if you are not the picture of confidence with your club at address, then try this club.  You’ll find a good friend to give that 4 iron to, a friend you’ll win money from if he doesn’t switch to the best hybrid iron in the business, too.

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