Road Warrior Peter

Posted on: July 14th, 2011 by Peter Kessler 1 Comment

Narin & Portnoo #12, photo by John and Jeannine Henebry.

So I get the call to go to Ireland recently enough that I figure I was at the bottom of the B List.    Just more motivation to kick fellow Warrior Wallach’s fat ass.   Problems aplenty to deal with.   Overweight, out of shape, game on vaca and can hardly play in a cart.  So, I bought Therma Wrap for my back, pain meds for my sciatica, energy bars for the front nine and a different kind for the back,  I’m using the Spinal Stretch machine every day and taking hot tubs every night.  Sounds like Iditarod stuff, huh?

It is now 3 weeks later and I have lost weight (some folks at home don’t think so),  carried my little bag with 8 clubs for 9 holes in 100 degree heat most mornings, fell down once in the 4th fairway from dehydration, am starting to hit the ball better after fighting the effects of swinging the Momentus Driver 300 times a day and am furiously checking my notes on bunker play that does not result in a long bladed miss over the world.

Gotta go.  I just had a thought about starting the downswing.  With three body parts at once.  It’s gonna be magic.  The Road Warriors are in the hands of the man who looks like Mel Gibson on a good hair day.  Jeff Road Warrior Wallach.

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  1. The Irish refer to such weather conditions as “heavy weather”. It does not happen often but I remember it well when I lived there. Sounds like there is more than just the weather that is heavy. Wish I was there all the same. Thanks Gerry

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