Golf Heaven

Posted on: July 21st, 2011 by Peter Kessler No Comments

The way you can tell there is a golf heaven is simple.  You play The Old Links at Ballyliffin in 65 degree weather, in shimmering, brilliant sunshine with a two club wind and close out your match one up with a par on the final hole.  The course is not of this world.  Each hole is simple but elegant, keen and fast, exciting and ready to grab your little shots and toss them around.  There are so many varieties of pitches to be played, yet just the right number of full blooded shots, too.  Ooh, I played good for me of late – it was an 81 with the promise of perhaps some pretty good golf to come.  Don’t tell the golf gods I’m starting to hit it good. And the makeable putts are mostly falling – nothing like making a really fast putt on a racy links course.  An incredible first day. And 36 tomorrow.  You know it’s fun when you don’t think about the stuff that might stress you out and you do think about the stuff that leads to lower scores.

The Old Links at Ballyliffin

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