Ireland Rocks

Posted on: July 27th, 2011 by Peter Kessler 1 Comment

The Irish Tourism folks have treated us gloriously, as has Adams and Perry Golf.  Great idea to call Perry Golf and organize a trip to this amazing country.  The golf is like nothing I’ve ever played.  The shades of green are unique to Ireland, the way the light changes the as the day goes by offers a splendid array of stunning colors. The holes that wind through through the dunes are spectacular and very playable, the holes that are flat offer challenges of subtlety and complicated green complexes.  I haven’t had a putt that wasn’t fun to read. Playing these courses reminds me of the photos I fell in love with as a boy as great players tackled the huge platforms with manageable but difficult putts – keen surfaces, sometimes even shiny.  Some really fast putts, some you have to bang.  And the people! Wonderfully friendly and helpful and they are fast players and considerate ones. And everyone seems to drag their own bag on a trolley or over their shoulder. The great game is in the best possible hands here because everyone loves and reveres the game.

Rosapenna Golf Club, hole 6 on The Old Course, photo by John and Jeannine Henebry.

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