1,699 down, 1 to go

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by Peter Kessler 3 Comments

Now there’s one more radio show to go after seven years on SIRIUSXM.  Today I feel relaxed about it and in a small way relieved.  But I’m already looking forward to more radio, there seems to be a number of options, including a podcast on iTunes.

I don’t think Ernie should get an invite to The Masters, play yourself in if you want to be there. I am starting to be a big fan of Luke Donald. His win last week was very cool and he was very composed and his great iron and super putt on the playoff hole were pretty special.

We’re going on another Golf Road Warriors trip, this time to Reynolds Plantation for five days starting on Monday.  I have noticed that the guy who runs the A Position and who is of course going on the trip because he invited himself after a special meeting with himself is arriving early, playing golf ahead of the rest of the Warriors and basically aggravating everybody already and he doesn’t know it but he’s really getting ready to get his fanny kicked.

Every time Tiger winces in pain,  Jack’s record looks better and more unreachable.  If anyone understands the new Q School and TOUR schedule please give me a heads up.  I’m not sure that even the guys who dreamed it up understand it.

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  1. Doug Goettsch says:

    Peter, I just listened to your show on the way in to work and heard the news. It’s unfortunate, I greatly enjoyed your show over the last 2 since becoming a subscriber of XM.  Your knowledge and skill will be missed.  Good luck and keep it in the fairway.

  2. Ed Barret says:

    Good luck Peter and stay in the Golf Media..we need you insight and perspective..drgawf

  3. Anonymous says:

    Peter, you would be a great replacement for E.K. on Morning Drive.  You will be missed on SiriusXM.  Good luck. 

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