Making the Turn

Posted on: March 17th, 2012 by Peter Kessler No Comments

Well there are 5 shows left of Making the Turn and I have mixed feelings about it. I am sad about it because it wasn’t my decision and I like doing the show, it’s that simple. I also have been doing that show every weekday with almost no breaks since the week of the 2005 US Open. That’s a long time without a real break, a long time getting up every day and reading everything that had been printed on golf anywhere in the world over the preceding 24 hours. Usually I have 3 pages of notes by the time each live show rolls around. I spend part of the evening before making notes and then in the morning for about 90 minutes I prepare further and create new subjects with a strong eye as to who the guests are going to be. And those notes are one or two or three words to remind me of places I want to go during the show, they’re kind of kick off points.

I figure we’ve done about 1,700 shows since that start almost seven years ago, that is my producer and I, the incredible Trisha Hanke. We’ve had Jack and Greg and Lead and Player and Lexi and Watson and Azinger and O’Meara. We’ve had every great teacher in the game, hundreds of them, and historians and authors and journalists and aspiring touring professionals. It’s been a great, fun ride. 5 more shows to go.


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