Great Things Around The Corner

Posted on: September 25th, 2012 by Peter Kessler No Comments

So many terrific things are happening – I’m starting an iTunes podcast on November 1st, Peter Kessler’s Revolution Golf Podcast that will offer new content several days a week. I’m going to Ireland on October 10th with 7 journalists and a dozen very wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan who love golf and use it as part of their rehabilitation. I now represent Golf Fuel, a drink for better performance on the course, a drink without sugar of caffeine. I also endorse Bobby Grace Putters and The Golfer’s Toolbox, a fascinating training aid.

Sports Illustrated has asked me to be their host at Sports Illustrated at The Majors, producing an online series of video reports and essays shot at the Majors and Ryder Cup. I’m looking forward to being in Chicago later this week and to watching our guys bring the Cup home.

I still say Tiger has to be a top 30 putter on TOUR before he can win majors again. He still can really scrape the ball around the course, he just needs to putt 75% as well as he did in his prime.

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