What Is “Make The Turn?”

I developed the “Make The Turn” experience as an elite high-performance coaching system for passionate golfers to unlock their potential, while dramatically elevating their enjoyment for the game. The attitude behind the mission is to provide the tools and inspiration for participants to learn in an environment that effectively: Embraces Possibility, Increases Expectations and Delivers Real Results!

Make The Turn programming includes: Executive Athlete Retreats, 3 Day Schools, Online Training, Weekend Challenges, Membership Portals as well as Mindset, Nutrition and Lifestyle based strategies.

To “Make The Turn” is to finally possess the knowledge and support to go the distance. It’s when your goals are authentic, visible and within reach, as you perform at an elite level. It’s when your entire lifestyle shifts into high-performance, where you’re living with passion and purpose.

Why “Make The Turn” Coaching?

I live my life as a problem solver. I love the physical and creative aspect of digging in and developing a custom made plan for my players to unlock their potential. When you come to my lesson tee, you may have an idea of what you’re capable of, but I guarantee my expectations for you are even higher. That’s why I created the “Make The Turn” program, and that attitude is the driving force behind everything I do.

I want those who engage in the coaching experience to be BIG thinkers who are intensely dedicated to their golf games. I want them to get up in the morning and embrace a high-performance lifestyle. I want them to believe they can go low, think like champions, eat better, feel better, live without pain and be excited about their lives both on and off the course. That’s my life’s mission and that’s what this effort is all about.

When you “Make The Turn,” you have a learning experience that’s so efficient, you unlock the tools, “unique to you,” to TURN your game around in a way that’s inspiring, effortless and fun!

MTT  52 Week Challenge 

The Make The Turn 52 Week Challenge is a weekly initiative that provides participants with a means of adding more purpose and inspiration to their daily lives both on and off the course. Each week JRG will post a “Challenge” on the Jeff Ritter Golf Facebook page in the areas of: Golf Performance, Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition. As participants experience each unique challenge, they begin to unlock the secrets to peak performance as well as the possibility that exists in achieving one’s personal potential. The Make The Turn Challenge is all about developing a high-performance community of passionate “athletes” through a lifestyle based approach to living and playing your absolute best. When you participate in the challenge program we encourage you to comment on our Facebook Page as well as  post pictures and videos about your experience, struggles, victories and questions related to the initiative.

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