OnCore’s 4-piece Ball Vero X1

Oncore_VeroX1_pkgOnCore’s new Vero X1 4-piece urethane cover golf ball has a larger core to provide more iron spin for added control.

Fast Facts:
Premium category 4-piece cast urethane cover
High spin design with metal infused into mantle
85 compression
318-dimple cover
$39.99 at OnCoreGolf.com

OnCore has added the Vero X1 to its golf ball offerings that include the low compression Avant 55 for recreational players and the 3-piece Elixr for better players. The Vero X1 has a 4-piece construction with a high spin design that includes a larger core and the addition of metal powder in the mantle to improve flight stability.

The cover is a cast urethane and thinner than used for the Elixr which helps to control distance and accuracy more with more spin imparted to iron shots.

Quoting Keith Blakely, OnCore’s CEO, from the Vero X1 press announcement, “Our primary objective in developing the VERO X1 was to create a product that the best golfers in the world would objectively consider best-in-class   We even selected the name to communicate clearly that this is not a story of marketing – it’s a story of performance. Vero is Italian for “true, real, or genuine” and that is what this ball is all about. True performance.”

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