Mizuno Announces ST-G Driver

ST-G_driverMizuno has added the better-player category ST-G driver to their current lineup of the ST-Z 230 and ST-X 230 drivers both made for recreational players. The ST-G is an ultra-low spin design with a compact head in a classic pear-shape.

Fast Facts Mizuno ST-G Driver
Better-player category
440 cc head
Titanium & carbon fiber body
Beta Rich Ti LFS face
Carbon fiber crown & sole toe
TPU covered sole weight behind clubface
Two sliding 7-gram sole weights
Adjustable hosel +/-2°
Stock shaft: Project X RDX Smoke Green
Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline Genesis
Available Oct. 5, 2023

More than just an update of the three-year-old ST-G the new ST-G has a smaller head offering better stability and dual (rather than triple) sliding sole weights. One sole weight track is perpendicular to the face, and one located along the rear of the sole towards the heel. Placement of the weight provides the choice of straight, draw or fade bias with further fine tuning coming from the adjustable hosel.

Mizuno says the ST-G is all about low ball spin in order to maximize distance and the primary feature to achieve that goal is the TPU covered stainless steel weight located in the sole near the clubface. This “Cortech Chamber” extends behind the leading edge and Mizuno says it takes impact stress from the face, makes for a more solid impact, and is especially helpful retaining ball speed when impact is below the center of the face.

There’s additional carbon fiber in the ST-G as well not just the crown but with a wraparound over the sole’s toe. Since carbon fiber weighs less than titanium overall the carbon fiber in the sole redistributes weight towards the center of the club near the weight tracks, a big plus for stability.

According to Mizuno’s Director of R&D, David Llewellyn, “The ST-G 440cc is very stable in the category of compact driver heads. The addition of Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber greatly influenced our ability to create more consistent ball speeds across the face.”

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