GolfSense makes sense

 Technology never ceases to amaze me and now golfers can have a 3-D analysis of their swing with the GolfSense device wireless hooked up either to an iPhone or iPad.

The small and lightweight (0.6 oz.) GolfSense clips to the Velcro on the back of your glove and will not interfere with your swing. Its four motion sensors retrieve data at 1,000 times per second, providing an analysis, swing picture and clubhead speed through a wireless connection to your iPhone or iPad.

GolfSense is sold through Apple Computer retail stores for $129.

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  1. Marquesa

    I’ll put an instruction video togehter over the next few days but for now try this drill.Address the ball and overlap your bottom hand over your top hand on the grip until only the thumb and forefinger are on the golf shaft and hit some shots swinging your arms back to 9 o’clock and through to 3 o’clock smoothly.Gently pull the club with your top hand to lead the downstroke and let the golf club release itself fully past the golf ball. Let me know how this drill works for you and good luck.


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