Leadership Through Relentless Innovation

There was an interesting article written by the National Golf Foundation reporting on the replacement cycle for golf equipment and the bottom line is golfers are still purchasing equipment at the same rate as in past years.

Of course the big difference now is there are somewhere in the range of 25 percent fewer golfers so total sales are less.

However, at least in the case of fairways and hybrids the number purchased per thousands golfers has essentially doubled since the year 2000. A move spurred no doubt as 2-irons and 3-irons being relegated to the garage and joining rut irons and balata balls as interesting curiosities of the past.

Add to that the surprising fact, NGF data shows the number of clubs sold per thousand golfers is up 45 percent in the same time period.

T MagThe health of the equipment industry is vital to the health of our game, no one disputes that.Titleist Logo Large However, some members of the industry have had uncharitable (a nice way of saying nasty) remarks regarding the shortened product introduction cycle especially pointed at TaylorMade Golf.

TMaG is the dominant club company the same way and for the same reasons Titleist is number one in golf balls. Golfers believe they produce the best products. Period.

Both companies got to where they are by relentless improvement to their core product. For example there’s no dispute that Titleist’s Pro V1 ball changed the game forever or that user adjustable drivers helped the average golfer.

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