Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

WilsonStaff_Ball_pkgOne Liner: Wilson reenters the premium category with the Staff Model, a four-piece cast urethane cover ball.

Fast Facts: Four-piece construction
Cover 362-dimple cast urethane
Core hi-resiliency synthetic rubber
Available only on Wilson.com
$49.99 single dozen – discounts to $44.99

WYNTK: Better players want maximum control of their shots which means generating the proper spin and Wilson ball offerings of recent years have been very low-compression distance balls, not what low handicappers and professionals are looking for.

That all has changed with the new Wilson Staff Model developed with input from their endorsement staff members such as Gary Woodland.  The Staff Model has all the bells and whistles to attract better players starting with a thinner seamless cast urethane cover. The outer mantle is a hard ionomer to help create spin on approach shots while the HPF inner mantle helps produce more distance. The firmer core is made of a tongue twisting neodymium-catalyzed polybutadiene, which is a long way to say rubber.

The Staff Model is to be sold only via Wilson’s Baller Box monthly shipment service with pricing dependent on the number of dozens selected and length of commitment.

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