Srixon’s Soft Feel & Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls

Soft-Feel-&-Soft-Feel-Lady_WEBSrixon has launched the Soft Feel 12th generation two-piece ionomer cover golf ball and a complimentary model for women.

Fast Facts Soft Feel Golf Balls:
Two-piece ionomer 338 dimple cover
60 compression
Gradient firmness core
Color choice of white or yellow
$21.99 per dozen

Fast Facts Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls:
Two-piece ionomer 338 dimple cover
58 compression
Gradient firmness core
Color choice of white or Passion Pink
$21.99 per dozen

Srixon’s share of the golf ball market continues to grow and according to Golf DataTech from January through June in their U.S. ball sales on and off course sales grew by 30%.

A portion of the growth has been due to the Soft Feel models which are in the low-price or value category and now the 12th Soft Feel iteration has been released. The new ball continues to be a two-piece construction with a thin ionomer of 0.063 inches while the Soft Feel Lady cover is an even thinner 0.057 inches.

Thin covers and low compression are part of the formula to help generate spin on scoring shots and the gradient core – softest in the center, firmer at the edges – Srixon says has high rebound properties that produce distance off the driver.

Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Srixon was quoted in the press release, “This is our 12th generation SOFT FEEL golf ball, putting us at the forefront of the low-compression distance ball category. With this new model, we’re excited to give golfers our longest SOFT FEEL to date, in a ball that maintains the signature feel golfers expect from a SOFT FEEL.”

The Soft Feel Lady, which has a slightly lower compression rating than the Soft Feel, is the 7th generation of the model.

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