Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover

BagBoyT-10The Bag Boy division of Dynamic Brands has introduced the T-10 golf club travel cover with an ABS thermoplastic polymer top to protect clubs in transit.

Fast Facts Bag Boy T-10 Travel Cover
All-weather polyester fabric
Rigid ABS top and base
In-line wheels
Lockable wrap around zipper
Two external & two internal pockets
Shoe storage
3 color combinations

Summer travel season is upon us and anyone who has done any amount of air travel taking along their golf clubs knows baggage handlers are anything but gentle. This makes a safe travel cover for clubs a must, just ask anyone who has arrived at their destination only to find their clubs arrived in more pieces than when they left home.

Bag Boy’s approach is to give the T-10 travel cover a strong, crush resistance top of ABS thermoplastic to protection the heads sticking up in the bag and though the cover is not bulky it is large enough to handle a full-size bag. There are also some nice touches like interior protection for a stand bag’s legs and two wheels on the bottom to make going and coming easy. The two outside pockets have zipper closures and two mesh pockets on the inside.

When in use or in the off season the T-10’s fabric body folds neatly up for storage inside the hard-shell top.

Three color combination are offered: black/red, black/charcoal, and black/royal blue.

Pat Gallagher, Product Manager at Bag Boy said of the new travel cover, “The T-10 combines ABS hard-top protection with a lightweight soft body. Together, these features provide unparalleled protection and superior usability that are ideal for golfers traveling both short and long distances.”

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