The Toolbox from Tour Striker

TourStriker_ToolBox_1Every golfer I have ever talked to wants to play better, score better and enjoy the game more. It’s in our nature and fortunately there are training aids to help us with our quest.

A quick Internet search came up with more than 200 and that’s probably not all of them.

However, at the recent PGA Show I spent some time with the well-known instructor Martin Chuck, and he showed me the Tour Striker Toolbox, a simple but effective way to visualize the basics needed to make a proper swing.

The Toolbox consists of a hollow aluminum tube with three alignment rods inside and two rotating clutch areas each with a hole for insertion of the rods. Sounds simple and it is but the Toolbox is quick sure method of training the user in several critical swing factors starting my own personal ongoing error, ball position.

As Chuck reminded me, “Jack Nicklaus said 90% of the success of a shot is determined before the golfer actually swings. I believe that, too. With the Tour Striker Toolbox, you can work on all the elements, the soft skills of pre-shot routine, to insure you don’t leave anything to chance and give yourself the best possible outcomes when you swing.”

Without going into a long-involved description here, check out this link for a complete information.

If you have the same problem I have, making sure the ball position is correct, place the Toolbox tube parallel to the target line and one of the alignment rods perpendicular to it. The ball goes outside the tube opposite the alignment rod, take your stance and the ball is in the proper position. No guessing. Sounds simple and it is.

The better news is users can also work on foot and body alignment plus ensuring their aim is correct just as easily. The purchase price of $187 includes Chuck’s “15 Ways to Use It” video lessons, a series of “how-tos” that also show practicing the correct swing path and swing plane with the Toolbox as well as its use for putting and chipping practice.

An earlier version had been around for years, but the current model is half the weight and works equally well on mats or grass, indoors or outdoors. It can be carried in the golf bag so it’s handy for preround warmup and stretching.

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