Shot Scope V5 Golf Watch

ShotScopeVB5Shot Scope’s latest is the V5 Golf Watch that combines GPS yardages, shot tracking and multiple game statistics with green view and full hole maps plus scoring.

Fast Facts Shot Scope V5 Golf Watch
GPS yardages
36,000 preloaded courses
Shot Scope no charge mobile app
Automatic shot tracking
16 RFID tags
100+ performance stats
Hazard distance/layup
Green view/pin placement
Dogleg yardage

The V5 from Shot Scope with the abundance of data it provides is a surefire winner for anyone looking to improve their scores without hassle and fees for software updates and data analysis.

You don’t even have to write down your score as your club’s shot tracking tags know as a hole is played what was hit, how far and how often.

The display is bright and easy to see with front, back and middle distances plus doglegs, hazards and layups. All the V5’s functions are controlled by four buttons around the outside and it even can show large time display to wear as a regular watch.

“There is simply no multi-function GPS and shot tracking watch under $250, and with no subscription fees, that can offer the automated performance capabilities of the V5,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope. “Backed by partnerships with the National Golf Foundation, PGA Golf Retirement+, and TROON, millions of golfers will quickly learn about this watch and its endless features that give any type of golfer the most accurate on-course information needed to perform at the highest level, as well as expert shot tracking technology to drive measurable game improvement.”

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