Golf Foreplay

Golfer's ForeplayThe somewhat provocative title of this book belies the solid information for novice (and some not-so-novice) golfers. To new players golf can be intimidating. The ancient game is filled with obscure terms, quaint customs and etiquette not to mention often befuddling rules.

Golf Foreplay by Ken Altshuler tries to demystify all of this and to a large extent succeeds adding a touch of humor to boot.

A few examples:

What to wear or more properly what not to wear on the course.

A list of golf courses every golfer should know something about such as Augusta National being the home of the Master Tournament.

Where to stand when another golfer is swinging or putting and how to hold the flag.

What all those different clubs for?

What does it mean to shoot the temperature?

I hit the ball in the water. What do I do now?

I think you get the idea. This is a wonderful source for any new golfer but particularly women who do not have the male macho attitude and may be more genuinely interested in learning. The most important section probably is the one on etiquette but there are gems in every other chapter. Golf Foreplay can go a long way to relieving the stress of a new situation for a first time golfer, making it more fun.

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