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Dave Pelz disproves the saying “putting’s not rocket science” since, as most golfers know he is not only an expert on putting but a former NASA research scientist plus for over 20 years one of the best putting instructors in the game. 

His background caused him to view putting and the short game with a critical perspective and to do analysis never done before, basing it on rigorous scientific methods. This resulted in a teaching and coaching method that has benefited touring professionals and amateurs alike. His two previous books Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible and Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible are considered among the best ever written on the subject so it was with a sense of anticipation I read hislatest. 

Dave Pelz’s Putting Games’ premise is stated in the title’s tagline, “Fun Games to Play At Home to Improve Your On-Course Putting,” and the book lives up to that expectation. The games Pelz and his son Eddie describe will help you evaluate your putting mechanics and performance because you can’t get better if you don’t know what’s wrong and then how to fix it. And the approach works though it is decidedly different than how the average golfer normally tries to improve (as in-ask a friend or buy a new putter). Expressed another way, the games are fun, even intriguing, and the bottomline is they make you think, which is a good thing.

A fascinating part of the book was Pelz’s putting touch and distance controldiscussion that could apply to every golfer. After reading that section it’s easy to understand why PhilMickelson, Vijay Singh, Tom Kite and dozens of professional work with him.

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  1. Denny

    Putting is a small part mechanics and a larger part feel and confidence. Most of us can see from our putting results what is wrong with our stroke and can make adjustments to correct the problems bu lots of work needs to be done on the practice green to ingrain the fixes and instill the needed confidence to trust the changes we make in a tight situation.


  2. Kitty

    I have decided I am going to pick up golf. I have been a colupe times with borrow clubs and like the game. I have the chance to get some Orlimar ZX-P irons for a price thats nearly free. I notice these irons are fade correction irons (supposed to be minor). How would that affect me being a new player. Would they just correct the issue if you have it and if you dont no big deal, or am I looking at something that could cause bad habit as I learn to play with them? The price makes it really easy for me to pick up golf without forking out much money.


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