Old Tom Morris – “Enough”

Anybody want to make a bet on what the R&A and the USGA will decide about anchored putters? I see the decision, which probably will come this fall, as a toss up between doing nothing and allowing use of bellies and broomsticks for two years, then cutting them off…literally and figuratively.


It’s interesting that even the most vehement opponents are unable to point numbers showing non-standard length putters turning a really poor putter into a really good putter. OK for seniors and the less gifted or to prolong a professional career but the fuss comes because of the belief long putters are against the traditions of the game or the equally fervent opinion they are an improvement everyone can adopt.


The win by Ernie Els at the Open Championship followed closely by Fred Couples taking the Senior Open Championship, both using bellies and on hallowed courses used by the R&A to hold majors for years. It’s as though the shade of Old Tom Morris has risen up and said, “Enough.”


Peter Dawson, chief executive of the R&A, is definitely in the “ban ‘em” camp as violating the traditions of the game and USGA executive director Mike Davis has as yet not revealed publicly his position.

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