Women Join Augusta – So What!

The reaction to Augusta National Golf Club tapping two women for membership, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore, is predictable.

Augusta chairman Billy Payne said, “This is a joyous occasion.” Rice and Moore are happy and media commentators were falling all over themselves to point out, “Augusta is a private club and can set its own rules, but….”

So far no one has talked about the most obvious point–so what? ‘So what’ as in this is a non-issue to the millions who play golf. The average player, nor even anyone he knows, is ever going to play Augusta National, much less compete in the Masters. They are much more interested in fixing their slice than how a small golf club in a small Southern city conducts its business.

The national and even international media all have the same predictable storyline – see paragraph two. The facts are two well-to-do women have become members of a formerly all-male club. Period.

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