Jason Dufner is a secret Tom Brady fan

Jason Dufner comes out as a fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots  (Photo: Emily Kay)

Jason Dufner comes out as a fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (Photo: Emily Kay)

Jason Dufner, in the midst of an epic rant against the NFL referees who tossed a penalty flag and then mysteriously picked it up during Sunday night’s Cowboys-Lions game, revealed himself to be a closeted New England Patriots fan.

The 2013 PGA champion went on a Twitter toot against the zebras calling the NFC Wild Card game in Dallas and called out ‘Boys coach Jason Garrett for comparing his squad going for it on fourth-and-six down the stretch with flag-hunting at Augusta.

“Sometimes at the Master u do lay up Mr Garrett, ask @ZachJohnsonPGA,” @JasonDufner tweeted about Garrett’s claim that “if you get a chance to play at the Masters, you don’t lay up, you go for it.” (Johnson, not a big hitter, won his green jacket in 2007 by laying up on all the par-5s that week; the refs’ controversial penalty/no-penalty call was instrumental in Dallas’ come-from behind 24-20 victory.)

The most surprising aspect of Dufner’s tirade was his admission that he had finally capitulated to Vermont native and best buddy, Keegan Bradley, and was now a card-carrying Tom Brady fanboy.

“Hey I got no dog in the fight,” Dufner typed. “Not a Lions or Cowboys. Patriots for life baby! #cantbeatemjoinem”

Bradley, of course, retweeted Dufner’s confession to his own 341,000 followers.

The two PGA Tour stars’ friendship blossomed after Bradley outlasted Dufner in a playoff for the PGA title in 2011. Since then, the BFFs have pranked and prodded each other inside the ropes and out.

Like when Dufner put a rock in his pal’s golf bag at Tiger Woods’ World Challenge, and the pride of Woodstock honored his playing partner by “dufnering” in the middle of the fairway after holing out for eagle during the 2013 Tour Championship.

For now, at least — though Dufner joked to PGATour.com’s Brian Wacker in August that his compatriot had “learned a lot from me” but he was “still trying to figure out what I’ve learned from him” — it would appear devoted Boston homer Bradley can enjoy the last laugh.

Bradley’s beloved Brady Bunch will host the brutal Baltimore Ravens in Foxborough Sunday for an AFC Divisional Playoff game and the team can use all the bandwagon-hoppers it can get, so welcome aboard, Duf.

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