Titleist’s new MB and CB 712 irons each feature improved looks and feel

Titleist continues to design some of the more consistent and successful irons for serious golfers on the market. The latest example is the new MB and CB forged irons (712 Series) that the company says features improved looks, feel and performance.  Each model build upon the classic designs of the Titleist 710

Titleist's new MB iron

irons. The Titleist MB, in fact, has been the most-played iron model on the PGA Tour for the past couple of seasons. Each model carries a suggested retail price of $140 per club (steel) and $165 per club (graphite).

“When we started formulating plans for the new MB and CB designs, we knew that the project would be a reinterpretation, not a complete reinvention,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs.  “The original MB and CB models were so well received on Tour, as well as in the marketplace, that we knew we had succeeded in delivering the core design fundamentals that resonate with the traditional blade player.  We did identify through our work with the world’s best players, however, some areas where we could make improvements, which we incorporated in the new models.  The new MB and CB still embody those key design elements that made the first generation so well accepted.”

The new MB is a classic muscle back forged iron, while the new CB, also forged, features a shallow cavity-back design.  Pelisek said the new MB and CB each feature a redesigned back that features a faceted surface across the back known as the “dog bone.”  This surface, according to Pelisek,  is larger in the heel and toe while narrowing behind the impact area.  Basically it locates more mass behind the impact area for the traditional solid feel expected from blade irons.

Based on player feedback, Pelisek said the sole of the new MB has been improved, with trailing edge and heel relief for reduced resistance through the turf.  The new MB sole is great for players with a shallow angle of attack who tend to pick the ball off the turf, while the slightly wider sole CB helps players that are more aggressive through the turf.