Tour Edge unveils new Exotics XCG5 driver

Tour Edge Golf's new Exotics XCG5 driver

Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics line of fairway metals are among the hottest (maybe THE hottest) in the industry in regards to the ball coming off the club face. Now the company has a driver to match in the new XCG5 – the only brazed driver on the market.

Tour Edge says the XCG5’s advanced head design delivers power in three shaft options: a light Graphite Design Tour AD 271‐ gram version, a Fujikura BLUR 306‐gram version, and an Aldila RIP 312‐gram version.

The brazing process, according to Tour Edge, joins the titanium face and body to an ultra‐thin beta titanium crown.  The company says no other driver sold in the United States uses brazing because it’s too expensive and time consuming.

The XCG5’s special beta titanium crown material is ultra‐thin and lighter than the previous carbon crown found in the XCG4. This material, Tour Edge says, dramatically improves sound while allowing weight to be added to the rear of the sole via the Six‐Point Perimeter Weighting System.

To maximize spring‐like effect, Tour Edge says it increased the XCG5’s face size by 12 percent over previous models. The XCG5 driver carries a suggested retail price of $329.