Jonesing to Play in Korea?

Jack Nicklaus Golf Course Korea, 15th hole (Courtesy Jack Nicklaus Design)

Jack Nicklaus Golf Course Korea, 15th hole (Courtesy Jack Nicklaus Design)

Did this year’s Presidents Cup make you yearn to head east (or west, depending) and try your hand in Korea? There are many fine reasons (i.e., golf courses) why it’s a good idea, and you can still find the pertinent information in the latest edition of The Grain. 

We called on The A Position’s resident Asian expert, Hal Phillips, to review some of the choices near this year’s venue, the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club South Korea. But Hal goes further in suggesting four side trips to China, Japan, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur.

If you do make it to Korea, you’ll need to eat, and Dave DeSmith has thoughtfully delivered up a primer on six local foods not to miss and, perhaps more importantly, three to avoid at all costs. Unless Gaebul, also known as Penis Fish, happens to be a favorite.

And while the matches may be over, in what was one of the best Presidents Cup clashes yet, there’s still your own golf game to attend to. Travis Fulton’s video should help. The Director of Instruction and Master Instructor at the TOURAcademy TPC Sawgrass, Fulton will show you two backswing moves to create more power when driving off the tee.

It’s all easy to find, right here at the 2015 Presidents Cup edition of The Grain.

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