Footjoy: No Ordinary Glove

Teresa Two Gloves at the controls © James Mason

You know how it is when you’re off on a golf tour, everythings packed, you’re on your way, the excitement is kicking in and you just want a couple of good omens a long the way that tell you the weather is going to be great, your swing is going to work and you finally cured that hook, before you step onto the first tee.

Well this is day one of the Golf Road Warriors trip to Scotland taking in the fantastic courses at Machrihanish. Well I got my perfect omen, the co-pilot of the flybe flight from Glasgow to Campbeltown was none other than Teresa, who was not only co-pilot but also stewardess.

As the twin prop was hurtling down the runway, Teresa put her hand on the take-off gear handle, but to my pleasant surprise her hand was clad in none other than a footjoy golf glove, the perfect start to any Golf Road Warriors trip, Teresa two gloves at the wheel. Apparently flying gloves don’t come in a small enough size, but the FJ ladies size is just perfect and now so is my day!

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