Evnroll ER8.3 Putter Review with video

Line-up640ER8-Tour-Mallet-Face300We all know the old adage drive show putt for dough, but being able to hit a 300-yard drive means nothing if you 3-putt every green, so I am always excited to test a new putter especially when I know Guerin Rife has been involved with the design.


The ER8.3 is a flow-neck Players Mid Mallet, which Guerin Rife himself is describing as the prettiest putter he’s ever designed. Evnroll use the tag of the “Sweetest face in golf” ER8-Tour-Mallet-Putter-Address300which comes from their patented “Sweet Face” Technology, a unique milling pattern engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for accuracy and zero dispersion. The ER8.3 uses this CNC-milling process from 303 Stainless Steel and is hand-finished in its factory at Carlsbad, California.

This year Evnroll are using the new Gravity Grip technology in their new range, this new, deep V-shaped grip incorporates an ultra-light 35 gram EVA foam body with a 70 gram ER8-Tour-Mallet-Back3009” steel rod that runs the length of its extreme lower section.

Moving twice the grip’s structure weight directly below and ½” away from the shaft allows the hands to feel and maintain a square putter face through the entire hitting area, virtually eliminating face rotation at impact.

Adding the 15 gram outer wrap the Gravity Grip has a total weight of an above average 120 grams. This allows for more weight in the putter head to generate a greater overall weight for increased stability and accuracy, while maintaining an ideal swing weight for optimum feel and distance control.

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