The Atlantic Links Tour: Trevose Golf Club

Trevoses 4th Green with the Atlantic backdrop

Trevoses 4th Green with the Atlantic backdrop

Trevose  Golf Club

I must admit I’m not one for long drives and at first the five-hour slog from London to Cornwall wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to. But the exciting prospect of playing a Harry Colt jewel with the sea in front of me means those five hours fly by. I just can’t wait to smell that fresh sea air and step on that first tee – and I’m not disappointed.

It’s a warm summer’s day and the weather is perfect, not too hot with a nice breeze to make things interesting. I tee up just outside the beautiful white clubhouse and look out to the hard brown fairways – just the way links courses should look with their emerald greens like jewels in the desert. I take out my 3-wood because the fairway funnels through two dunes that stand like sentries with their pot bunkers waiting to collect anything long and slightly wide. I place the ball in the middle of the fairway…and I’m off. I feel like a kid at his first fairground and it’s only been three weeks since my last links fix. But I’m happy to take centre stage, stand hand on heart and declare: my name is James Mason and I am a links addict!

I’ve heard so much about Trevose and as I play my second shot over the dunes to the hidden green on the first, this track is living up to what I’d imagined. I would recommend you make an excursion to the championship tees on the signature par-5 fourth hole, just to look out to sea and see how tough that tee shot is from up there.

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