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On the tee from London England...

You know how it is, you’ve just hit a ball out of bounds, your playing a provisional ball and you smash it down the middle of the fairway, you think to yourself, why didn’t I do that the first time? Or you are playing match-play and you have a 6 foot putt that just shaves the hole, but doesn’t drop, you pull it back and take the putt again, bang you can it in the heart of the hole.

Player B, his the man, if only you could play like him, he steps up and always hits the middle of the fairway, holes every putt and his wedge play is incredible, he can up and down it from anywhere.

Nerves never affect him, in fact this guy could win all the weekend bets/swindles and his name would be engraved on every board in the club house, damn he could even turn pro, you can imagine it now, Atlanta Athletic Club at the USPGA or Royal St Georges at the Open Championship as Ivor Robson announces, “On the tee, Player B” oh yes I am putting 20 quid/bucks to win on him.

The problem is, he only comes out when player A has stuffed it in the rough, caned one out of bounds, left the ball in the bunker, duffed a chip a foot and left it short from 6 foot.

Golf, Galgorm Castle, golf in ireland, player B

Player B he has no nerves

Player B, he is our Adonis, our saviour. He is the reason we will tee it up again this weekend, take silly bets in the clubhouse, because maybe this week, Player B will dust down his FJs, his the man who is going to pull the driver out the bag on the first tee and like the pro he is, smash it down the middle, knock it to two foot and hole the putt.

You don’t ever want to get to Player C and D, C has the yips and D couldn’t hit himself let alone a golf ball and if you ever pull out the drunken schizophrenic that is Player Z, its probably time to pack it in and retire to the bar.

Have a great weekend and here is hoping Player B steps on the to the tee this weekend.


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