Throw vs Drag

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Of all the adjustments that can be made to fine tune trajectory, the skilled player fully understands how to utilize the variables of “throw” and “drag.”

“Drag,” is a term used to describe a shaft that has more than a normal amount of forward lean into the hit. The handle pulls ahead, as the club head lags well behind. This idea of drag is perfect for taking loft off the face, creating a low, running shot. In general, I like to think of drag as a left handed feeling, (right handed golfer) where the handle is pulled into the finish.


“Throw,” conversely works in the just the opposite manner. In this instance, the head is allowed to swing freely as if to “pass” the handle through impact. Throwing, is perfect for creating maximum height, as loft is enhanced. I like to think of throwing as a right handed feeling (right handed golfer) where the handle lags back as the head swings past into the finish.


Left hand drags
Right hand throws
Understand “throw vs. drag” for advanced trajectory control

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Article originally seen in AZ Golf Central Magazine

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