20 Reasons To Work With A Nutritionist

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There’s an overabundance of health information presented to us on a daily basis. From TV shows to clever product advertising, consumers are directed to try, buy and sample ideas promising the “perfect” body. The problem is, many of these quick fixes leave people feeling even more confused and desperate than when they started. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the 20 health traps below.

The good news is Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen is here to provide you with simple information for creating a solid nutrition foundation, making it effortless for you to achieve your health goals and sustain the optimal health you deserve. No more wasting time or getting discouraged by details. CNK helps you put in minimal effort to produce maximum results. Whether your objective is to lose weight, eat better, or reduce your risk of illness, you’ll find the information, advice and support you need to take your health to the next level.

Why People Don’t See The Results They Deserve

  1. Focus on calories instead of nutrients
  2. Go low calorie or “diet”
  3. Mistake being thin for healthy
  4. Focus on weight loss instead of overall health
  5. Try quick-fixes instead of making lifestyle changes
  6. Eat poor quality foods
  7. Eat the same foods every day
  8. Eat too many carbs or go too low carb
  9. Eat low fat &/or eat/cook with unhealthy fats
  10. Lack adequate high-quality protein
  11. Lack the HCL & enzymes needed for digestion
  12. Take poor-quality/wrong supplements
  13. Fail to plan, prepare & cook foods properly
  14. Dine out too much
  15. Lack alkaline foods &/or Superfoods
  16. Poor meal timing
  17. Need to detoxify
  18. Try too many different things at once
  19. Make poor lifestyle choices with sleep, stress & exercise
  20. Fail to identify the root cause of their symptoms

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