World Golf Ranking Adopts New “10-Way Tie for No. 1” Approach

Faced with the dreary prospect of spawning weekly articles about whether the very-temporarily-No. 1 player really deserves to be No. 1, the prestigious World Golf Ranking announced it was switching to 10-way-tie-for-first approach.

“We see this week that Nick Watney has entered the top 10, following his wonderful victory at the AT&T National,” said a WGR official. “That puts him in great company–among players he is probably just as good as when you come right down to it!”

Thus, Watney and nine others, including names like McIlroy, Kaymer, Westwood and Mickelson, will all stand equal atop a golf-rankings pyramid “that we’ve simply sawed the top triangle off of,” the official stated.

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