What Happens in Vegas Dosen’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas

Wow! One of the mainstays in golf  here in Las Vegas just filed for the big BK yesterday. Spanish Trail Golf & CC, considered one of the top clubs in town for a quarter of a century might be closing its doors to a brand new clubhouse which was the cause of all of this ironically.
Spanish Trail had a lot of the movers and shakers in town as members. They even were a part of the rotation for what is now the Timberlake/Shriners PGA Tour event. The property has three 9-hole layouts all differing from one another. The amenities there are great, such as wonderful practice facilities, tennis courts, workout facilities and swimming pools.
Unfortunately like many clubs across the country, Spanish Trail has become a victim of the current economic woes and now its fate is up in the air. What was once believed as a mainstay in golf here, may now be a memory of what was. So, when you hear the familiar phrase “What happens in Vegas.. stays in Vegas,” it might not necessarily pertain to golf.

Dennis Silvers

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